If the backup source of a backup schedule does not meet your requirements, you can modify the backup source of the backup schedule. After you specify a new backup source, the backup schedule generates tasks to back up data for the new backup source. This topic describes how to modify the backup source of a backup schedule.


  • A backup schedule that uses the logical backup method is created. For more information about the logical backup method, see Logical backups.
  • A database account is created to connect to the new backup source.


  1. Log on to the Database Backup (DBS) console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Backup Schedules. The Backup Schedules page appears.
  2. Find the backup schedule that you want to manage and click Manage in the Actions column. The Configure Task page appears.
  3. In the Basic Information section, click Edit Backup Source. Specify a new backup source based on your business requirements. The following table describes the backup sources that are supported for logical and physical backups.
    Backup method Backup source References
    Logical backup ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, PolarDB for MySQL, or self-managed MySQL databases
    Oracle databases
    MongoDB databases
    Secondary databases of a MongoDB instance
    PolarDB for MySQL databases
    PolarDB for Oracle databases
    PolarDB-X databases
    ApsaraDB for Redis databases
    PostgreSQL databases
    Physical backup MySQL databases
    Oracle databases
    Oracle databases that support a true incremental-forever backup
    SQL Server databases
  4. Click Next.

What to do next

The new backup source takes effect only after you modify the backup objects of the backup schedule and click Save.