Backup schedules may become unavailable due to overdue payments or expiration. We recommend that you renew your backup schedules at the earliest opportunity to ensure service continuity.

Overdue payments

Overdue payments occur in the following conditions: You have an insufficient balance in your Alibaba Cloud account when you use the pay-as-you-go billing method or when your backup data exceeds the free quota included in the resource plan that you purchase for Database Backup (DBS).


Expiration occurs if the duration of your DBS subscription period ends and you have not renewed the subscription.

Service suspension

If your backup schedules are overdue or have expired, take note of the following items:

  • The backup schedules are automatically suspended.
  • If your services are stopped due to overdue payments, you can add funds to your Alibaba Cloud account within seven days to pay off the overdue bill. DBS will automatically resume your services after you pay off the overdue bill. For more information, see Renew backup schedules. If your bill is overdue for more than seven days, DBS assumes that you choose to stop using services and your data in DBS will be permanently deleted. The deleted data cannot be restored.
  • Source databases are not affected when backup schedules are released.