The following tables list the API operations available for use in Database Backup (DBS).

Backup plans

API Description
CreateAndStartBackupPlan Create and start a backup plan
CreateBackupPlan Create a backup plan
ConfigureBackupPlan Configure the backup schedule
RenewBackupPlan Renew a backup plan
UpgradeBackupPlan Upgrade a backup plan
DescribeBackupPlanList View a backup plan
StartBackupPlan Start a backup schedule
StopBackupPlan Pause a backup plan
ModifyBackupObjects Modify a backup object
EnableBackupLog Enable incremental backup
DisableBackupLog Disable incremental backup
ReleaseBackupPlan Release a pay-as-you-go backup schedule
ModifyStorageStrategy Modify the lifecycle of stored data
ModifyBackupSourceEndpoint Modify the database backup source
ModifyBackupPlanName Modify the name of a backup plan
ModifyBackupStrategy Modify the backup time
DescribeRestoreRangeInfo View recovery time range details
DescribeBackupPlanBilling View the billing information of a backup schedule

Backup tasks

API Description
DescribeFullBackupList View the list of full backup jobs
DescribeIncrementBackupList View incremental backup tasks

Restoration tasks

API Description
CreateRestoreTask Create a restoration task
StartRestoreTask Start a recovery task
DescribeRestoreTaskList View the list of recovery tasks

Backup gateway

API Description
DescribeBackupGatewayList View the backup gateway list

Other operations

API Description
InitializeDbsServiceLinkedRole InitializeDbsServiceLinkedRole
DescribeNodeCidrList View the CIDR blocks of DBS nodes
DescribeJobErrorCode View the node standardization error codes
DescribePreCheckProgressList View the pre-check progress list
CreateGetDBListFromAgentTask Create a task to obtain the database list through the backup gateway
GetDBListFromAgent Obtain the database list through the backup Gateway
DescribeRegions Supported regions

Backup set download

API Description
DescribeBackupSetDownloadTaskList view the download list of backup sets
ModifyBackupSetDownloadRules Set the download rule for backup sets
CreateFullBackupSetDownload Create a full backup set download task
CreateIncrementBackupSetDownload Create an incremental backup set download task