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How do I guarantee consistency of restored data

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

DBS provides full backup, incremental backup, and data restore capabilities. This topic describes how to guarantee the consistency of data backed up by using the logical backup method. Data backed up by using the physical backup method is not discussed in this topic.

How it works

To reduce the impact of a full backup operation that uses the logical backup method on database performance, DBS pulls data from the source database and transfers it to OSS in parallel in an unlocked manner. Data backups are generated during the full backup process at different time points. When restoring data backups, DBS restores a full backup first and incremental backups later. DBS guarantees that the restored data is consistent with the data of the source database by applying the idempotence of restoring data from incremental backups.

Incremental backup Consistency of restored data
Enabled Supported
Disabled Not supported