When you use Database Backup (DBS) to back up data, DBS charges you backup fees based on the volume of backup data.


DBS supports multiple types of backup schedules to provide different backup and restore performance, free backup quotas, and billing standards.

The following formula is used to calculate the backup fees for a subscription backup schedule: Backup fees = Configuration fees + (Actual backup data size - Free quota for data backup) × Unit price of the backup schedule type.

For example, Company A plans to perform full backup for a 150 GB database four times each month. The estimated total backup volume in the current month is 600 GB (150 GB × 4). Company A can purchase a backup schedule of one of the following types. The price is applicable in mainland China.
  • Fees for the micro type: USD 5 + (600 GB - 40 GB) × USD 0.117/GB = USD 70.52
  • Fees for the small type: USD 22 + (600 GB - 400 GB) × USD 0.055/GB = USD 33
  • Fees for medium are USD 35. The actual backup data size is less than the free quota. No additional fees are charged.
In this example, the small type has the lowest price. However, if you require better backup and restore performance, we recommend that you purchase a type with higher specifications.

The following table describes the specifications of backup schedule types.

Backup schedule type Estimated time required to back up 100 GB of data Free quota for data backup (GB/month) Configuration fee for mainland China Configuration fee for the China (Hong Kong) region and regions outside China
Configuration fee (USD/month) Unit price of excess backup data (USD/GB) Configuration fee (USD/month) Unit price of excess backup data (USD/GB)
micro 20 hours 40 5 0.117 7 0.175
small 5 hours 400 22 0.055 33 0.083
medium 2.5 hours 800 35 0.039 53 0.059
large 1.5 hours 1600 56 0.024 84 0.036
xlarge 1 hour 140 Free of charge 209 Free of charge

(file backup)

1 hour 8 Free of charge 12 Free of charge
  • Higher specifications offer lower unit prices and higher backup and restore performance. For more information, see Performance tests on backup and restoration.
  • You can only upgrade but cannot downgrade the specifications of a backup schedule. For more information, see Upgrade a backup schedule.
  • Each calendar month, you are allocated a free quota for data backup. If you do not use up the free quota within a month, the remaining free quota does not roll over into the next month.
  • If the total amount of data that you back up during a month exceeds the free quota, the excess data is charged based on the corresponding unit price.