CPU resources are of paramount importance to a database and are a major consideration in daily O&M. High CPU utilization for a long period of time causes low response speed and brings impact on your business.

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Exception detection

Anomaly detection: DAS implements 24/7 anomaly detection based on machine learning and fine-grained data monitoring. Compared with the traditional threshold-based detection method, DAS can detect anomalies in databases immediately after they occur and provide suggestions for optimization or impact mitigation.

Autonomy service

DAS provides autonomy services developed based on machine learning and expertise. Targeted at common causes of high CPU utilization summarized in daily O&M, the autonomy services can automatically handle exceptions and failures to solve CPU utilization issues.

  • Automatic performance scaling: During peak hours, DAS automatically scales up a database instance to handle traffic peaks and ensure business stability. DAS also monitors the CPU utilization of the database instance in real time. If the CPU utilization per unit of time decreases, DAS automatically scales down the database instance.
  • Automatic SQL throttling: DAS uses this feature to control the number of database access requests and the number of concurrent SQL requests. This feature can help ensure the availability of your database service.
  • Automatic SQL optimization: This feature monitors your databases to identify and optimize slow queries, which can help you solve performance issues.