This topic describes how Database Autonomy Service (DAS) helps QMAI deliver digital services to create a new retail ecosystem.

Customer profile

ZHIMAITECH is committed to delivering operations solutions for offline merchants. This company was founded in 2009. ZHIMAITECH provides solutions to help merchants develop more consumption scenarios and perform more fine-grained retail operations. This supports the omnichannel and end-to-end retail management in a retail ecosystem. The merchants can build a traffic pool in a private domain and make operations easier. QMAI is a platform provided by ZHIMAITECH and can be accessed from a mini program. This platform is suitable for the following scenarios in catering and retailing: membership marketing, QR code-based ordering, reservation, QR code-based purchase, in-store pickup, self-operated takeout services, and other marketing scenarios. QMAI delivers digital services to help create a new retail ecosystem.


  • Various databases to be managed: QMAI supports a large number of databases that are of different types. These databases are difficult to manage in a centralized manner.
  • Complex SQL statements: The databases are prone to be unavailable if complex SQL statements are executed.
  • Unexpected scenarios: If a large number of users send requests to the platform, traffic spikes may occur. As a result, the database workload surges may cause database downtime.


  • QMAI uses DAS to manage multiple database instances of different database types at a time. QMAI can use monitoring dashboards and the inspection and scoring feature provided by DAS. This helps QMAI locate abnormal database instances at the earliest opportunity. For more information, see Inspection and scoring and Monitoring dashboards.
  • QMAI uses the 24/7 anomaly detection feature provided by DAS to detect abnormal database instances, analyze root causes, and locate abnormal requests. This way, DAS identifies and optimizes the SQL statements that cause database performance problems to solve the problems. For more information, see 24/7 anomaly detection.
  • If DAS identifies an SQL statement that is the root cause of the exception in a database instance, DAS throttles the SQL request within three minutes. This way, the services that are running on the database instance are restored in a fast and accurate manner. No manual intervention is required.


  • DAS is a reliable and secure platform that provides autonomy services for QMAI to manage databases.
  • DAS manages various types of databases in a centralized manner. DAS can be connected to databases that are deployed in different environments.
  • DAS has diagnostic capabilities that are similar to those of a professional database administrator (DBA). DAS diagnoses the problems of all database instances. This helps QMAI identify risks at the earliest opportunity.
  • DAS detects exceptions around the clock and throttles traffic to restore services at the earliest opportunity.

Customer feedback

"DAS helps QMAI manage various types of databases in a centralized manner. The autonomy services provided by DAS are used to troubleshoot issues and restore database instances at the earliest opportunity. This way, the challenges that QMAI faces are overcome." -- CTO of QMAI