Database Autonomy Service (DAS) provides the performance insight feature. This feature provides statistics charts and tables to help you evaluate database workloads and identify the causes of database performance issues. This helps improve the stability of your databases.


In the left-side navigation pane, click Performance Insight. On the Performance Insight page, you can view the analytical results.
  • In the Performance Insight section, you can specify a time range to view the database performance metrics within the specified period. You can view details about a specific performance metric. For example, if you want to view details about CPU utilization, click Details next to Memory Usage/CPU Utilization.
    Note The details about a performance metric provide insights into the data generated within the last seven days.
  • In the Average Active Session section, you can view the trend charts of different types of sessions, such as SQL sessions. You can also view the multidimensional details of service loads. This helps you identify the causes of performance issues.