Data Transport can be used to store data from on-premises files, remote file systems, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). You can create source data addresses based on data sources.

The following section describes the migration procedures for different data sources.

  • On-premises file: If your data is stored in a portable hard disk that has a USB connector, connect the hard disk to the USB port of a Data Transport Mini device. Then, create a data address for an on-premises file to migrate data.
  • Remote file system: You may store your data in a remote file system, such as a remote Windows file system, remote Linux file system, or NAS server. In this case, connect the device in which the file system resides to the network port or optical port of the Data Transport Mini device by using a network cable or a switch. Then, create a data address for the remote file system to migrate data.
  • HDFS: If your data is stored in HDFS, mount HDFS and a Data Transport Mini device to a compute node to migrate data.