This topic describes how to migrate data by using a Data Transport Mini device.

Migrate data from on-premises data storage solution to Alibaba Cloud

Contact Alibaba Cloud to perform the migration.

  1. Create an order and complete the payment.

    Note After you create an order, Alibaba Cloud sends the Data Transport Mini device to the address that is specified in the order.
  2. Create an OSS bucket.

  3. After you confirm the receipt of the Data Transport Mini device, set up the device.

  4. Create a data address.

  5. Create and run a data migration job to migrate data to the Data Transport Mini device.

  6. Turn off the device.

  7. Return the device to Alibaba Cloud.

    Note When the order status becomes Data Downloaded, the following operations are performed:
    • Alibaba Cloud arranges for a logistics service to retrieve the Data Transport Mini device.
    • The data in the device is then uploaded to Alibaba Cloud OSS.
  8. After data migration is complete and you verify the integrity of the data, apply for a refund of the deposit.

Migrate data from Alibaba Cloud to an on-premises data storage solution

Contact Alibaba Cloud to perform the migration.