If the current instance specification does not meet your business requirements, you can upgrade the instance specification.


  • A data migration task is in the Migrating, Paused, or Migration Failed state.
  • The task is a data migration task or a data synchronization task. You cannot upgrade the instance specifications of change tracking channels.


  • You can only upgrade instance specifications. You cannot downgrade instance specifications.
  • The upgrade operation causes latency of about 5 seconds for incremental data migration and data synchronization. We recommend that you perform this operation during off-peak hours.


  • Subscription instance
    Total fee for upgrading the instance specification = (Daily fee of the instance after upgrade ‒ Daily fee of the instance before upgrade) × (Subscription expiration date ‒ Upgrade date)
    Note The daily fee of an instance after the upgrade depends on the number of remaining days from the upgrade date to the expiration date.
    • If the number of remaining days is less than 300 days, the fee of the instance after upgrade equals the fee offered by monthly subscription.
    • If the number of remaining days is greater than or equal to 300 days, the fee of the instance after upgrade equals the fee offered by annual subscription.
  • Pay-as-you-go instance

    After you upgrade the specification of a pay-as-you-go instance, you are still billed on an hourly basis. The fees are calculated based on the instance specification.

For more information about the pricing of DTS, see Pricing.


  1. Log on to the DTS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Data Migration or Data Synchronization.
  3. Find the target instance and click Upgrade in the Actions column.Click Upgrade
  4. Select an instance specification and select Data Transmission Service Agreement of Service.
    Note For more information about instance specifications, see Specifications of data migration instances and Specifications of data synchronization instances.
    • Select a new specification for your data migration task.Select a new specification
    • Select a new specification for your data synchronization task.Select a new specification
      • This topic provides a general introduction. The actual pages in the DTS console may be different.
      • Before you can change the synchronization topology, you must meet all the relevant requirements. For more information, see Upgrade synchronization topology from one-way to two-way.
  5. Click Activate to complete the payment.