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Data Transmission Service:Failed to check the server_id of the DTS source database

Last Updated:May 19, 2022


Before you start a MySQL incremental data migration task, DTS checks the server_id parameter of the source database during the PreCheck. This article describes how to troubleshoot server_id check failures in user-created MySQL source database.



  1. Log on to the server where the user-created MySQL database resides. Run the following SQL statement to view the value of server_id:
    show variables like '%server_id%';
  2. The value of server_id must be an integer greater than 1. Run the following SQL statement to modify the value of server_id:
    set global server_id=[$ID];
    • [$ID] is an integer greater than 1 and the value of server_id of other databases is unique.
    • Note that if the self-built database is in master-slave mode, ensure that master-slave replication is not affected.
    • After the command is run, you need to modify the value of server_id in the configuration file. Otherwise, the modified server_id will become invalid after you restart the instance.

  3. Login DTS console to perform the PreCheck again.


Application scope

  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)