Problem description

When you connect to a MySQL database through DTS, the following error message is displayed when the MySQL log is not captured:

DTS-150003 MySQL binlog timstamp 12345678 is not found on server. Original error: original_error.

Note: the DTS error code is DTS-150003, and the DTS error format is MySQL binlog timstamp 12345678 is not found on server. In the Original error: original_error. "step, 12345678 indicates the header timestamp corresponding to the MySQL binlog file, and original_error indicates the error message reported by the Java driver.


Based on the above problem, there may be the following two reasons.

  • If a task is suspended for more than seven days, new tasks are created and RDS logs are cleared.
  • The binlog retention period of the source database is too short. We recommend that you retain binlog of the source MySQL database for at least three days.


According to the cause of the above problem, the solution is as follows.

  • If the source database is a user-created MySQL database, you need to restore the corresponding binlog files to the local database. For more information about the restoration method, see official documentation.
  • If the source database is an RDS, submit a ticket.

Application scope

  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)