To ensure successful data migration, DTS checks whether a database with the same name as the source database exists in the destination instance during the PreCheck. If no such a database exists in the destination instance, DTS automatically creates a database. If the automatic creation fails, the PreCheck fails.



In the following cases, DTS cannot automatically create a database in the destination instance and the precheck fails.



The name of the source database or the database character set does not comply with requirements of apsaradb for RDS

The name of the source database contains special characters other than underscores (_) and hyphens (-). The character set of the source database is not UTF-8, gbl, latin1, or UTF-8 (MB4).

  1. Create a database in compliance with the naming convention for databases and character sets in apsaradb for RDS. For more information, see create a database.
    Note: You need to grant permissions to the destination database account that is used by the data migration task.
  2. Login DTS console in the left-side navigation pane, find the target migration task, and then click modify task configurations.
  3. In the source and destination databases page, click the authorize the whitelist and go to the next step..
  4. Configure the name of the destination database by using the object name mapping feature. For more information about how to use this feature, see database, table, and column mappings. Click pre-Check and start.


The permissions granted to the destination database account are insufficient

  1. Grant read and write permissions to the destination database account. For more information, see modify account permissions.
  2. Perform another precheck.


Application scope

  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)