Data Security Center (DSC) provides classification templates for detecting sensitive data. The classification templates are customized to classify the sensitive data based on the requirements of different industries. DSC can detect sensitive data based on the classification template that you specify. This ensures data security compliance. This topic describes the built-in classification templates provided by DSC.

Built-in classification template for financial data

The classification template is created based on the Guidelines for Security Classification of Financial Data and Security Data - JRT 0197-2020.

Business-oriented template

Level 1Level 2Level 3Sensitivity levelSensitive data
Account informationInstitution informationAmountS3 Currency
Basic informationS2 Account type
S2 Account status
S2 ID of the institution for opening accounts
S2 Account closure date
S2 Account opening data
Freeze informationS2 Freeze type
Freeze informationS2 Freeze date
Financial supervision and servicesPayment and settlement informationAccounting adjustment informationS2 Types of accounting adjustments
S2 Date of accounting adjustments
Re-lending informationS2 Types of re-lending
S2 Date of re-lending
Foreign exchange accountingS3 Currency
Same-city businessS2 Start date
Special depositS3 Accounting date
RMB deposit reserveS3 Deposit date
General transfer informationS3 Transfer confirmation date
Re-lending businessRe-loan business management informationS2 Re-lending purpose
Interest rate filingExchange rateS2 Target currency
S2 Start date for converting the exchange rate
Cross-border settlementInterest rate and exchange rateS2 Currency (financial supervision and services)
Node informationS3 Date on which a node is enabled
Cancellation of cross-border settlementS2 Date of cancellation acceptance
Currency, gold and silver exchangeCounterfeit currency management informationS2 Source of counterfeit currency
S2 Counterfeit currency collection date
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) business managementLEI registration informationS2 Date of establishment
Information about publishing LEIS2 Validation status
TransactionGeneral transaction informationTransaction amount informationS3 Amount
S3 Currency
Counterparty informationS3 Counterparty type
Contractual agreementFund businessBasic informationS2 Sources of funding
S2 Types of fund transaction
Intermediary businessS2 Types of intermediary business
Reinsurance businessReinsurance contract informationS2 Reinsurance method
S2 Types of reinsurance business
Credit card businessConsumption informationS2 Consumption date
Cash withdrawal informationS2 Cash withdrawal date
Basic informationS2 Card account opening date
S2 Activation date
Signing information of merchantsSigning informationS2 Signing time
General contract informationBasic informationS2 Contract No.
S2 Contract status
S2 Types of contracts
S2 Currency (contractual agreement)
S2 Termination date of a contract
S2 Effective date of a contract
S2 Expiry date of a contract
Loan informationInformation about defaultS2 Types of defaults
Information about defaultS2 Default date
Credit informationS2 Credit purpose
Credit informationS2 Types of credit
Credit informationS2 Credit currency
Credit informationS2 Expiry date of credit
Credit informationS2 Effective date of credit
Basic informationS2 Loan purpose
Basic informationS2 Types of loans
Information about repayments and loansS2 Repayment method
Information about repayments and loansS2 Repayment date
Information about repayments and loansS2 Loan date
Information about advancesS2 Advance date
Guarantee informationS2 Types of guarantees
Guarantee informationS2 Guarantee method
Guarantee informationS2 Guarantor
Debt collection informationS2 Debt collection method
DepositInterest calculation informationS2 Interest start date
Interest calculation informationS2 Interest end date
Basic informationS2 Types of deposit
InsuranceClaim settlement informationS2 Time of accident
S2 Report date
S2 Location of accident
S2 Insured
S2 Informant
Information about insurance subjectsS2 Engine number
S2 Motor vehicle brand
S2 Vehicle type
S2 License plate type
S2 Vehicle identification number (VIN)
S2 License plate number (business information)
Basic information about issuance policyS3 Effective date of issuance policy
S3 Date on which a policy is signed
S3 Applicant
S3 Beneficiary
S3 Insured
S3 Insurer
Legal digital currency walletBasic informationBasic informationS2 Time when you apply for a digital currency wallet

Customer-oriented template

Level 1Level 2Level 3Sensitivity levelSensitive data
Individual userPersonal informationQualification certificateS2 Certificate authority
S2 Qualification certificate number
S2 Effective date of certificates
S2 Expiry date of certificates
OccupationS2 Job title
S2 Organization
S2 Work start date
S2 Work end date
S2 Workplace
Personal contact informationS3 WeChat
S3 Contact number
S3 Email address
S3 Mobile phone number
Education informationS2 Degree
S2 Education background
S2 College and department
S2 School name
S2 Date of enrollment
S2 Date of graduation
Health informationS4 Smoking
Basic informationS3 Marital status
S3 Certificate type
S3 Nationality
S3 Effective date of certificates
S3 Expiry date of certificates
S3Social security number (SSN)
S3 Credit card number
S3ID card number
The following types of ID card can be detected:
  • Chinese mainland (including Hong Kong, China)
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
S3 Nation
S3 Gender
S3 ID of military officer card
S3 License plate number
S3 Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
S3 Passport number
S3 Home address
S3 Full name
S3 Debit card number
Geographic locationS3 Street
S3 Area
S3 Country
S3 Current location
S3 Location that you often reside
S3 City
S3 Province
Party informationS2 Party that you join
S2 Time to join the party
Identification informationAncillary information for identificationS3 Dynamic password or SMS verification code
Traditional identification informationS4 CVN2
S4 Payment password
S4 Validity period of bank card
S4 Transaction PIN
S4 Logon password
S4 Query password
Personal behavior informationBehaviorS2 Browsing records
S2 Browsing time
S2 Location
Personal relationshipPersonal relationship informationS3 Social relationship
S3 Lineage
OrganizationOrganization informationBusiness information of companiesS1 Organization type (customer)
S1 Registration date (customer)
Identification information about companiesTraditional identification informationS4 CVN2 (customer)
S4 Payment password (customer)
S4 ATM PIN (customer)
S4 Validity period of bank card (customer)
S4 Transaction password (customer)
S4 Logon password (customer)
S4 Query password (customer)
Basic organization informationManagement informationS3 Certificate types (customer)
S3 ID card number in Singapore (customer)
S3 ID card number in Malaysia (customer)
S3 ID card number in Hong Kong, China (customer)
S3 Telephone number of a manager (customer)
S3 License plate number (customer)
S3 Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (customer)
S3 Passport number (customer)
S3 Mobile phone number (customer)
S3 Name (customer)
S3 Debit card number (customer)
S3 ID card number in the Chinese mainland (customer)
Shareholder informationS2 Shareholder name (customer)
Contact informationS2 Organization telephone number (customer)
S2 Mailing address (customer)
S2 Contact (customer)
S1 Industry classification (customer)
S1 Business scope (customer)
S1 Organization name (customer)
S1 Unified social credit code (customer)
S1 Business certificate (customer)
S1 Organization address (customer)
S1 Name of legal representative (customer)
Organization behavior informationBehaviorS2 Browsing behavior (customer)
S2 Visit time (customer)
S2 Location (customer)

Operations and management template

Level 1Level 2Level 3Sensitivity levelSensitive data
Comprehensive managementEmployee informationCommon employee information (disclosed)S1 Telephone number (employee)
S1 Employee name
Training and qualificationS2 Time when employees obtain a certificate (employee)
S2 Time when employees receive training (employee)
S2 Place where employees participate in training (employee)
Organization informationCertificate informationS1 Unified social credit code
Basic information (disclosed)S1 Organization name
S1 Telephone number
S1 Address
Operation and managementCustomer service informationNetwork informationS2 Client type
S2 Device type
S2 IP address
Partner informationContact informationS3 Telephone number
S3 Email address
S3 Mobile phone number
S3 Name
Basic information about partnersS2 Organization type
S2 Organization name
Marketing servicesChannelOffline self-owned channel information (disclosed)S1 Counter name (channel)
S1 Store name (channel)
S1 Location (channel)
S1 Website (channel)
Channel management informationS2 Education background (channel)
S2 Gender (channel)
Third-party agency channel (disclosed)S1 Telephone number (channel)
S1 Name (channel)
Technical managementProject managementDevelopment informationS3 Source code
System managementSystem operation and maintenanceS3 SQL script
S3 Shell script
ConfigurationS2 Storage path
Risk managementRisk controlRisk identificationS2 Loan category

Built-in data security classification template for Alibaba and Ant Group

TypeData TypeSensitivity Level
Sensitive image informationID card image (Chinese mainland)S3
Passport image (Chinese mainland)S3
Sensitive personal informationID card number (Chinese mainland)S3
ID card number (Malaysia)S3
ID card number (Singapore)S3
Debit card numberS3
Credit card numberS3
Unverified ID card numberS1
Name in simplified ChineseS2
Mobile number (Chinese mainland)S3
The email address of the account.S3
Passport number (Chinese mainland)S3
Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao ResidentsS3
License plate number (Chinese mainland)S2
Telephone number (Chinese mainland)S2
Telephone number (United States)S2
ID of military officer cardS2
ID card number (Hong Kong, China)S3
Name in traditional ChineseS2
Name in EnglishS2
Vehicle identification numberS2
Sensitive enterprise informationBusiness license numberS1
Tax registration certificate numberS2
Organization codeS1
Unified social credit codeS1
Key sensitive informationPrivacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) certificateS3
Private keyS3
AccessKey IDS2
AccessKey SecretS3
Hashed passwordS2
Device sensitive informationIP addressS2
Media access control (MAC) addressS2
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection stringS2
IPv6 addressS2
Linux-Passwd fileS3
Linux-Shadow fileS3
Location-sensitive informationAddress (Chinese mainland)S2
Province (Chinese mainland)S1
City (Chinese mainland)S1
GPS locationS2
Common sensitive informationDateS1

Built-in classification template for assets

TypeSubtypeSensitivity level
Asset URLS1
PEM certificateS1
MAC addressS2
IP addressS2
IPv6 addressS2
JDBC connection stringS2
Project Unified social credit codeS3
Organization codeS3
Security Private keyS3
Linux-Passwd fileS3
Hashed passwordS3
Linux-Shadow fileS3
Personnel Mobile number (Chinese mainland)S3
ID card number (Chinese mainland)S3
Passport image (Malaysia)S3
Passport image (Chinese mainland)S4
Name in traditional ChineseS2
Telephone number (Chinese mainland)S3
ID card number (Hong Kong, China)S3
Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao ResidentsS3
Email addressS2
ID card number (Malaysia)S3
Passport number (Chinese mainland)S3
Unverified ID card numberS3
QQ numberS3
Name in simplified ChineseS2
Name in EnglishS2
Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents numberS3
ID of military officer cardS3
ID card image (Chinese mainland)S4
Telephone number (United States)S3
WeChat IDS3
ID card number (Singapore)S3
Comprehensive domain DateS3
Zip codeS3
Finance Credit card numberS3
Business license numberS3
Tax registration certificate numberS3
Debit card numberS3
MaterialLicense plate number (Chinese mainland)S3
Vehicle identification numberS3
Market City (Chinese mainland)S1
GPS locationS2
Address (Chinese mainland)S3
Province (Chinese mainland)S1
Customer Website accountS2
Account nameS2
Customer numberS2

Built-in classification template for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) industry

The classification template is created based on the YDT 3751-2020 Technology Specification for Data Security of Internet of Vehicles Information Service.

Level 1Level 2Sensitivity levelSensitive data
Environment dataExternal environment dataS2Road condition
S2Road surface condition
S2Speed limits on road traffic
S2Distribution of signal lights
S2Status information about signal lights
S2Status information about street lights
S2Road congestion information
S2Traffic accident information
S2Location information
S3Lane change
S3Distance to pedestrians
S3Walking speed
S3Pedestrian movement status
S4Travel route
S4Parking information
S4Health of a driver
Conditions of vehiclesOperating conditions of vehiclesS2Air conditioning usage
S3Engine speed
S3Engine output power
S3Throttle valve position
S3Gear usage
S4Operating events
Static condition data of vehiclesS2Average vehicle speed
S3Number of stops
S3Number of times that vehicles brake
S4Vehicle failure
Vehicle control dataIntelligent decision-making vehicle control dataS2Reverse parking sound
S3Steering wheel shaking data
S3Prompt command for red lights on dashboards
S3Prompt command for green lights on dashboards
S4Automatic parking confirmation command in intelligent parking systems
Remote monitoring dataS2Read-only data
S3Remote control of door locks
S3Remote control of air conditioners
S3Remote whistling command
S3Light flashing command
S3Remote start command
S3Remote braking command
S4Commands that are related to remote control of multiple vehicles in a fleet
Basic attribute dataBasic attribute data of vehiclesS2License plate number
S2Vehicle brand
S2Vehicle model
S3Engine number
S3Vehicle identification number
Basic attribute data of application software of IoV mobile terminalsS2Brand
S2Operating system
S3Unique identifier
S4Identity authentication information
Basic attribute data of IoV platformsS2Host brand
S2Host model
S2Operating system brand
S2Operating system model
S3Software configuration information
S4Network status information
S4Network maintenance logs
S4Operating status information
S4O&M logs
Default classificationDefault classificationS2Basic information about vehicle networking systems
S2Engine control unit
S2Raw material
S2Basic engine information
S2Vehicle speed information
S2Vehicle parking information
S2Vehicle status
S2Vehicle manufacturer
S2Terminal information display unit
S2Central gateway (CGW)
S2Product information
S2Text message
S2EOL controller
S2Enterprise information
S2Basic information about application software
Application service dataEntertainment dataS2Weather forecasting data
S3Multimedia download record
S3Browsing record of online shopping
S3Radio listening record
S4Call record
S4Video record
Traffic safety control dataS2Reminder data for traffic congestion
S2Real-time reminder data for traffic accidents
S3Collision warning data
S4Remote monitoring data of vehicles
Auto aftermarket dataS2Behavior data of entertainment systems
S3Behavior data closely related to vehicle driving
S4Personal preferences of vehicle owners
S4Habits of vehicle owners
S4Core parameters of vehicles