Data Security Center (DSC) classifies and de-identifies sensitive data to help you precisely detect and protect sensitive data.

Detect sensitive data and mark it with sensitivity levels

DSC can detect sensitive data in a large amount of data and accurately distinguish sensitive data from non-sensitive data. DSC scans your structured and unstructured data assets for sensitive data based on the built-in or custom algorithms and sensitive data detection rules. DSC classifies the sensitive data that is detected and marks it with risk levels for further protection, such as fine-grained access control and storage encryption.

Detect data leaks to protect data

DSC uses an intelligent detection model to analyze access of internal and external accounts of an enterprise to sensitive data. If anomalous access is detected, DSC sends alerts to your data security team.

De-identify sensitive data

DSC supports built-in and custom de-identification algorithms. You can use these algorithms to implement static de-identification and dynamic de-identification. In static de-identification scenarios, you can de-identify the sensitive data in the production environment before you transfer the sensitive data to other environments such as the development and testing environments. In dynamic de-identification scenarios, you can dynamically de-identify the response data without changing the source data. DSC ensures that the de-identified sensitive data is usable.

Audit data

DSC intelligently analyzes the traffic of databases and big data systems and audits the data access behavior in a fine-grained manner. By auditing and tracing all access to data sources, sending real-time alerts about serious attacks, and providing intelligent warnings about high-risk SQL statements, DSC keeps your sensitive database assets safe.

Comply with the requirements for personal information protection

DSC can accurately distinguish personal data from other data and protect personal data to prevent compliance issues.

Meet GDPR requirements

DSC can detect sensitive data in a large amount of data and allows you to audit the use of sensitive data. This allows you to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for sensitive data protection.

Check data security compliance

In response to the requirements of relevant supervision departments for checking data security compliance, DSC provides features regarding data security to help you achieve data security compliance. The features include sensitive data classification, data leak detection, and data de-identification.