This topic describes how to upgrade service specifications. If you have purchased Data Management (DMS) that is billed in subscription mode, you can learn how to increase the quotas of subscribed services by reading this topic.


  • You are a DMS administrator or a database administrator (DBA) in DMS. For more information about how to view your role, see View owned system roles.
  • Your account is an Alibaba Cloud account or a RAM user to which the AliyunBSSOrderAccess policy is attached. For more information, see Grant permissions to a RAM user.

Background information

In DMS, each service can have only one subscription order. To increase the quotas of subscribed services, you must upgrade service specifications.


  1. Log on to the DMS console V5.0.
    Note To switch to the previous version of the DMS console, click the 5租户头像 icon in the lower-right corner of the page. For more information, see Switch to the previous version of the DMS console.
  2. Move the pointer over the Icon icon in the top navigation bar and select DMS Renew and Upgrade.
  3. In the Purchase specification details dialog box, find the subscription order for which you want to upgrade the specifications and click Upgrade in the Operation column.
  4. On the Upgrade/Downgrade page, specify the number of instances, select Data Management - New Edition (Subscription), and then click Buy Now.
    Note If you want to upgrade service specifications, you can only increase but not decrease the number of instances.