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Data Management:Task flow

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

Task flow

Task flows are used to orchestrate and run tasks as scheduled. Task flows in the data warehouse development mode have the same features as those in the task orchestration mode. For more information, see Task flow. You can use the same methods to manage task flows.

Task type

In Data Warehouse Developer, warehouse SQL tasks are the major task nodes. In this type of task node, you can reference existing internal tables and foreign tables in SQL statements to develop data based on a selected data warehouse.
Data Warehouse Developer space flow


To create a task flow in a warehouse project, you must have the change permission on the database to which the warehouse project is bound. For more information, see Permission management. You can only view and edit your own task flows. However, data generated or changed by task flows is usually stored in internal tables. All users with access permissions on the internal tables can view and edit data in these tables.

In this way, data processed by task flows can be shared among multiple users to implement collaborative development, although the task flows are exclusively owned by the creator. For example, data processed by a task flow created by User A is written to the common data model (CDM) layer. User B can further process and analyze data stored at the CDM layer. For more information about layers, see Terms.