Call the ListDDLPublishRecords to obtain the release details of the structural design work order.


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Request Parameter

Parameter Type Required Example Description
OrderId Long Yes 3214325

The ID of the ticket.

Note You can use the console (see Design schemas ) or by CreateOrder The interface creates a structural design ticket and obtains the ticket ID.
Tid Long No 1

The ID of the tenant.

Note Take the tenant ID information displayed in the upper right corner of the system. For details, see Tenant ID and Tenant .
RegionId String No cn-hangzhou

Select the service region of DMS to call the interface. For the value, see RegionID parameter .

Note Set the value to the ID of the region to which your applications are close.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
RequestId String A1549FB0-D4B8-4140-919F-17322C1072B8

The ID of the request.

Success Boolean true

Indicates whether the request is successful.

ErrorMessage String UnknownError

The error message returned.

ErrorCode String UnknownError

The error code returned.

DDLPublishRecordList Array of DDLPublishRecord

The list of published records.

AuditStatus String CANCEL

Approval status, with the following values:

  • EXEMPT_PASS : approval-free
  • TO_AUDIT : pending approval
  • CANCEL : Revoke approval
  • SUCCESS : approved
  • FAIL : not passed
AuditExpireTime String 2020-12-14 20:52:38

The approval expiration time.

CreatorId Long 1423

The user ID of the job creator (available through. GetUser UserId parameter obtained by the interface), not Alibaba Cloud UID.

Finality Boolean true

Whether to terminate, the value is:

  • true : Yes
  • false : No
    Note The reasons for termination include withdrawal of approval or failure to complete approval before the specified execution time.
FinalityReason String CANCEL

The reason for termination.

PublishStatus String AUDIT

The publishing status, with the following values:

  • START : creates
  • ANALYZE : analysis
  • AUDIT : approval
  • DISPATCH : scheduling
  • SUCCESS : Success
RiskLevel String LOW_RISK

The level of the risk. Valid values:

  • NONE_RISK : Risk free
  • LOW_RISK : low risk
  • MIDDLE_RISK : medium risk
  • HIGH_RISK : high risk
StatusDesc String CANCEL

The publishing status description.

WorkflowInstanceId Long 432153

The approval flow ID.

PublishTaskInfoList Array of PublishTaskInfo

Publish the list of task information.

DbId Long 4325

The ID of the database.

Logic Boolean false

Whether it is a logical library. Value:

  • true : Yes
  • false : No
PlanTime String 2020-12-14 20:52:38

The scheduled release time.

PublishStrategy String IMMEDIATELY

Publish policy, value:

  • IMMEDIATELY : Execute Now
  • REGULARLY : scheduled execution
StatusDesc String NONE

The description of the device status.

TaskJobStatus String NONE

The status of the task.

PublishJobList Array of PublishJob

Publish the task list.

ExecuteCount Long 0

The number of SQL that has been executed.

Scripts String ALTER TABLE test_toolkit_rename_table_after_rename MODIFY COLUMN gmt_modified datetime NOT NULL

The change script.

TableName String test_toolkit_rename_table_after_rename

The name of the changed table.

StatusDesc String NONE

The description of the device status.

TaskJobStatus String NONE

The status of the publishing task. The value is as follows:

  • NONE : Unknown
  • SUCCESS : execution succeeded
  • FAIL : execution failed
DBTaskGroupId Long 423515

The SQL task grouping ID.


Sample requests

     http(s):// request parameters 

Sample success responses

XML format

     HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type:application/xml <ListDDLPublishRecordsResponse> <RequestId>AEF89401-5456-431A-9709-2C6C45657B51</RequestId> <Success>true</Success> <DDLPublishRecordList> <StatusDesc> All libraries executed successfully </StatusDesc> <PublishTaskInfoList> All tables executed successfully, callback complete </StatusDesc> <TaskJobStatus>SUCCESS</TaskJobStatus> <PublishStrategy>IMMEDIATELY</PublishStrategy> <DbId>8000009</DbId> <PublishJobList> <StatusDesc> Executed successfully </StatusDesc> <TableName>big_table</TableName> <Scripts>CREATE TABLE 'big_table ' ( 'id' bigint unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'primary key', 'name' varchar(64) NOT NULL COMMENT 'name', 'long_text_a' varchar(1024) NULL COMMENT 'A texture', 'long_text_b' varchar(1024) NULL COMMENT 'B texture', PRIMARY KEY ('id') ) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET=utf8 COMMENT='large table change';</Scripts> <TaskJobStatus>SUCCESS</TaskJobStatus> <ExecuteCount>1</ExecuteCount> <DBTaskGroupId>2220000</DBTaskGroupId> </PublishJobList> <PublishJobList> you must set the callback </StatusDesc> <TableName>data_modify</TableName> <Scripts>CREATE TABLE 'data_modify' ( 'id' bigint unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT' primary key ''name' varchar(256) NOT NULL COMMENT' name ''phone' varchar(32) NULL COMMENT' telephone', 'sex' varchar(32) NULL COMMENT 'gender, 'email' varchar(256) NULL COMMENT mailbox' 'user_desc' varchar(1024) NULL COMMENT 'comment' PRIMARY KEY ('id') ) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET=utf8 COMMENT='Data modification test table';</Scripts> <TaskJobStatus>SUCCESS</TaskJobStatus> <ExecuteCount>1</ExecuteCount> <DBTaskGroupId>2220800</DBTaskGroupId> </PublishJobList> <PlanTime>2020-12-23 11:37:00</PlanTime> <Logic>false</Logic> </PublishTaskInfoList> <AuditStatus>SUCCESS</AuditStatus> <CreatorId>260006</CreatorId> <Finality>true</Finality> <AuditExpireTime>2020-12-23 11:37:00</AuditExpireTime> <WorkflowInstanceId>850007</WorkflowInstanceId> <RiskLevel>LOW_RISK</RiskLevel> <FinalityReason> The execution was successful, end of Task </FinalityReason> <PublishStatus>SUCCESS</PublishStatus> </DDLPublishRecordList> </ListDDLPublishRecordsResponse> 

JSON Address format

     HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type:application/json { "RequestId" : "AEF89401-5456-431A-9709-2C6C45657B51", "Success" : true, "DDLPublishRecordList" : [ { "StatusDesc" : "All libraries executed successfully", "PublishTaskInfoList" : [ { "StatusDesc" : "All tables executed successfully, callback completed", "TaskJobStatus" : "SUCCESS", "PublishStrategy" : "IMMEDIATELY", "DbId" : 8000009, "PublishJobList" : [ { "StatusDesc" : "Execution succeeded, callback succeeded", "TableName" : "big_table", "Scripts" : "CREATE TABLE 'big_table" (\n\t' id' bigint unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'primary key',\n\t'name' varchar(64) NOT NULL COMMENT 'name',\n\t' long_text_a' varchar(1024) NULL COMMENT 'A text',\n\t' long_text_b' varchar(1024) NULL COMMENT 'B texture',\n\tPRIMARY KEY ('id')\n) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET=utf8 COMMENT='large table change'; ", " TaskJobStatus " : " SUCCESS ", " ExecuteCount " : 1, " DBTaskGroupId " : 2220000 }, { " StatusDesc " : " Execution succeeded, callback succeeded ", " TableName " : " data_modify ", " Scripts " : " CREATE TABLE 'data_modify "(\n\t' id' bigint unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'primary key',\n\t'name' varchar(256) NOT NULL COMMENT 'name',\n\t'phone' varchar(32) NULL COMMENT 'phone' (32) NULL COMMENT 'gend',\n\t'email' varchar(256) NULL COMMENT 'Mail',\n\t' user_desc' varchar(1024) NULL COMMENT 'Remarks',\n\tPRIMARY KEY ('id')\n) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET=utf8 COMMENT='Data Modification Test Table';", "TaskJobStatus" : "SUCCESS", "ExecuteCount" : 1, "DBTaskGroupId" : 2220800 } ], "PlanTime" : "2020-12-23 11:37:00", "Logic" : false } ], "AuditStatus" : "SUCCESS", "CreatorId" : 260006, "Finality" : true, "AuditExpireTime" : "2020-12-23 11:37:00", "WorkflowInstanceId" : "850007", "RiskLevel" : "LOW_RISK", "FinalityReason" : "Successful execution, end of task", "PublishStatus" : "SUCCESS" } ] 

Error code

Go to the Error Center See more error codes.