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:Edit tables

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

This section describes how to modify tables in DMS.


You have access permissions to DMS and you have logged on to the DMS console.


  1. Select a target database and click Log On to Database.

  2. In the left-side table directory tree, right-click a database and choose Edit Table Structure in the menu.

    The right-click menu

  3. The Edit Table Structure window is similar to the Create Table window. DMS automatically loads the table structure to the window, as shown below:

    Design Table


    • 1: Select a table object type, such as Columns and Index.
    • 2: Click a specific operation on the table object, which is similar to the create and design operations on tables.
    • 3: Click Get Table Rows to view and alter table data.
      1. Click CREATE to view the statements used to create the table.
  4. Click Save. DMS displays the SQL statement used to modify the table structure. Click OK. DMS then saves the modified table structure to your database.