To allow you to mask and manage sensitive data based on different policies, Data Management (DMS) provides three security levels for data. You can adjust the sensitivity level of one or more fields on the SQL Console page in a quick manner.


The sensitive data protection feature is enabled for your database instance. For more information, see Enable the sensitive data protection feature.
Note If the database instance is managed in Security Collaboration mode, you can set the sensitivity level of three fields to Moderate Sensitivity or High Sensitivity for free.

Usage notes

After you adjust the sensitivity levels of fields, the following rules apply:

  • When you query data on the SQLConsole tab, the Moderate Sensitivity and High Sensitivity fields on which you have no permissions are displayed as strings of asterisks (*) or in a custom manner.
  • To query, export, or change Moderate Sensitivity or High Sensitivity fields, you must apply for the permissions on these fields.
  • A database administrator (DBA) or DMS administrator can configure special approval processes for exporting or changing data that contains Moderate Sensitivity or High Sensitivity fields.
For more information, see Field security level.


  1. Go to the DMS console V5.0.
  2. In the top navigation bar, choose SQL Console > SQL Console.
  3. In the Please select the database first dialog box, enter a keyword to search for a database instance, select the database instance from the search results, and then click Confirm.
  4. In the extended feature section that is in the upper-right corner of the SQL Console page, click the Table List icon icon.
  5. Click the + icon to the left of the name of the required table to show its field list.
  6. On the Column tab, click Adjust next to Sensitive Level.
  7. In the Adjust Sensitivity Level dialog box, adjust the sensitivity level of one or more fields and click Submit for Security Department Approval.
    • If you specify to improve the sensitivity of a field, the application is automatically approved.
    • If you specify to lower the sensitivity of a field, the application must be approved based on the specified process.