This topic describes the release notes for Data Management (DMS) in 2022 and provides links to the relevant references.

December 2022

Add instancesOptimized featureYou can add instances of the Lindorm HBase database type to DMS.
Sensitive dataNew featureYou can configure DMS classification and grading templates and modify the description of detection rules.
Log exportNew featureYou can export operation logs to Alibaba Cloud Log Service in the DMS console. This allows you to implement statistical analysis on the DMS operation logs in SLS. Export the operation logs of DMS to Log Service

August 2022

Simple modeNew featureThe console interface in simple mode is simple, spacious, and easy to navigate. You can search for database instances without switching to the console homepage. Simple mode

July 2022

Data watermarkNew featureWatermark embedding and watermark extraction are available. The following list describes the two new features:
  • Watermark embedding: Identification information is embedded into data or a file as a watermark to identify the data or file.
  • Watermark extraction: This feature can be used to check whether files are embedded with watermarks, especially those hard to be perceived.
Use data watermarks
Permission templateNew featureResources such as instances, databases, and tables that have the same business attributes can be added to a permission template, and one or more users can be authorized to manage the resources in the permission template. By using a permission template, you no longer need to find the required users and resources one by one from a large number of users and resources and perform repeated operations to authorize the users to manage the resources. Create a permission template

April 2022

AnalyticDB for MySQL instances are supported as archive destinations.IterationThe data of large tables can be archived to Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, ApsaraDB for Lindorm instances, or AnalyticDB for MySQL instances at the scheduled time. This way, the adverse effects on data query performance and business operations brought by increasing business data can be eliminated. Data archiving

March 2022

The console of DMS Personal EditionDiscontinuationThe console of DMS Personal Edition is discontinued and replaced by DMS console V5.0 from March 31, 2022. [Notice] Data Management the old version of DMS Personal Edition offline on March 31
The previous version of the DMS consoleDiscontinuationThe previous version of the DMS console is discontinued and replaced by DMS console V5.0 from March 31, 2022. What is DMS?

February 2022

Database migrationNew featureService solutions can be encapsulated by using the database migration feature to migrate databases, perform checks, and delete the migrated source databases. In addition, the names of destination databases can be changed, whether database migration requirements are met before migration and whether the data in the source and destination databases is consistent after migration can be checked, and the migrated source databases can be deleted. This ensures the integrity of database migration throughout the lifecycle. Database migration
Data warehouse developmentNew featureProjects can be managed by workspace, business scenario, and task flow, and data warehouses can be managed by layer by using the data warehouse development feature. This facilitates data warehouse management in specific business scenarios and meets the complex requirements for data warehouse development and management. Create a workspace

January 2022

Sensitive data auditNew featureThe sensitive data audit feature is supported to record the use of sensitive data in DMS. Audit sensitive data
The progress of a lock-free schema changeNew featureThe progress of a lock-free schema change can be viewed. View the execution progress of a lock-free change task
Dependency check nodes in task orchestrationNew featureDependency check nodes can be configured to allow a task flow to depend on the result of its previous cycle or another task flow. Configure a dependency check node for a task flow