Data Lake Analytics (DLA) supports Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) that is compatible with MySQL. You can use JDBC to connect to DLA from a MySQL command-line tool.


  • DLA supports MySQL 5.0 and later.
      mysql --version   
       mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.38, for Linux (x86_64) using  EditLine wrapper
  • A service endpoint is configured to generate a connection string. The connection string consists of a connection address and a port number. For more information about how to configure a service endpoint, see Create an endpoint.


Schema not specified
mysql -h<end_point_host> -P<end_point_port>  -u<user_name> -p<password> -c -A
Note In versions earlier than MySQL 5.7.7, the MySQL client deletes comments in SQL statements that are sent to the server. The comments include optimizer hints. If you use a version earlier than MySQL 5.7.7, use the -c option to add comments to the SQL statements.
  • end_point_host: the connection address. For more information about how to obtain a connection address, see Create an endpoint.
  • end_point_port: the port number.
  • user_name: the username.
  • password: the password.

After you connect to DLA, you can execute the use <schema> statement to switch to the required schema.

Schema specified
mysql -h<end_point_host> -P<end_point_port>  -u<user_name> -p<password> <schema> -c -A

After you connect to DLA, you can execute the select database() statement to view information about the specified schema.