This topic describes how to create an Oracle schema in Data Lake Analytics (DLA).

  1. Log on to the DLA console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Serverless Presto > SQL access point. On the SQL access point page, find your virtual private cloud (VPC) in the VPC Network section and click Log on in DMS in the Actions column to create an Oracle schema that contains the parameters listed in the following table.
      catalog = 'oracle',
      location = 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@//',
      instance = 'HR',
      user = 'hello',
      password = 'world',
      vpc_id = 'vpc_id',
      instance_id = 'instance_id'
The following table describes the parameters that are included in the Oracle schema.
Parameter Description
catalog The type of the schema. Set this parameter to oracle.
location The IP address of VPC to which the Oracle instance belongs.
instance The name of the schema in the Oracle database.
user The username that is used to log on to the Oracle database.
password The password of the username.
vpc_id The ID of the VPC.
instance_id The ID of the Oracle instance.