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Data Lake Analytics:Create a virtual cluster

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

Data Lake Analytics (DLA) uses the billing methods based on the number of bytes scanned or based on the compute units (CUs) used. If you use the billing method based on the number of CUs used, you must create a virtual cluster (VC) to manage DLA.


  1. Log on to the DLA console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Virtual Cluster management.

  3. On the Virtual Cluster management page, click New Virtual Cluster.

  4. On the DLA CU Edition (Subscription) page, select a product type.

    • Pay-as-you-go: the pay-as-you-go billing method, which charges you on an hourly basis. This billing method is suitable for short-term use. You can release a VC if it is no longer used. This helps you reduce costs.

    • Subscription: the subscription billing method, which charges you when you create a VC. This billing method is suitable for long-term use. Subscription is more cost-effective than pay-as-you-go.

  5. Configure the parameters.

    The following table describes these parameters.




    The region where the VC resides. You cannot change the region after the purchase.


    • Spark: the cloud-native Spark engine.

    • Presto: the Presto-compatible engine.

    Minimum CU Specifications (MIN)

    The number of CUs that you can always retain and use. You are charged based on the specifications of these CUs.


    One CU equals 1 CPU core and 4 GB of memory.

    Maximum CU Specifications (MAX)

    The maximum number of CUs that you can use. Some scalable CUs are provided to meet your potential requirements. You are charged for these scalable CUs only if you use them. You can specify this parameter based on your business requirements. CUs between Minimum CU Specifications (MIN) and Maximum CU Specifications (MAX) are scalable and are not always retained.


    If the required CU specifications exceed the value of Maximum CU Specifications, submit a ticket to apply for higher specifications.

    Instance Name

    The name of the VC. The value of this parameter must be unique for the same user.

  6. Select an appropriate validity period if you set Product Type to Subscription. Then, click Buy Now.

  7. On the Confirm Order page, read and select the service agreement of DLA CU Edition and complete the payment as prompted.