This topic describes the API operations available for use in Data Lake Analytics (DLA).

API operations related to the serverless Spark engine

Operation Description
SubmitSparkSQL Submits a Spark SQL job.
SubmitSparkJob Submits a Spark job.
GetJobStatus Queries the status of a Spark job.

API operations related to service management

Operation Description
CreateInstance Creates an instance.
ReleaseInstance Releases an instance.
ValidateVirtualClusterName Checks whether the name of a virtual cluster is valid.

Metadata-related API operations

Note Metadata-related API operations are complex. We recommend that you do not use these operations. To use these operations, you can join the DingTalk group with the ID of 33899370 for assistance.
API operations related to permission management
Operation Description
GrantPrivileges Grants permissions to a user.
RevokePrivileges Revokes a specific permission that is granted to a user.
API operations related to database management
Operation Description
CreateDatabase Creates a database.
GetDatabase Queries the information of a specific database.
GetAllDatabases Queries all databases on which a user has the read or write permissions.
AlterDatabase Modifies the information of a database.
DropDatabase Drops a database.
API operations related to partition management
Operation Description
AddPartitions Adds partition information to the metadata system.
GetPartition Queries the information of a partition in a table.
GetPartitions Queries information of all partitions in a table.
DropPartition Drops a partition.
API operations related to table management
Operation Description
CreateTable Creates an Object Storage Service (OSS) table.
GetTable Queries the details of a specific table.
GetAllTables Queries all tables on which a user has the read or write permissions.
AlterTable Modifies the information of a table. The information includes the name of the database to which the table belongs and the name, properties, and columns of the table.
DropTable Drops a specific table.