Container Service provides the high-performance and scalable container application management service, which enables you to manage the lifecycle of containerized applications by using Docker and Kubernetes. Container Service provides multiple application release methods and the continuous delivery ability, and supports microservice architecture. By simplifying the setup of container cluster and integrating with the Alibaba Cloud abilities of virtualization, storage, network, and security, Container Service makes an ideal running cloud environment for containers.


Cluster management and flexible choices of regions and network environments

  • You can select regions to create and delete clusters as per your needs.
  • You can configure the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment flexibly.

Multiple server hosting modes

  • Supports granting Container Service to create Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and add them to a specified cluster.
  • Supports adding purchased ECS instances to a specified cluster.

One-stop container lifecycle management

  • Network

    Supports intercommunication between containers across hosts and high-performance VPC network drives.

  • Storage

    Supports data volume management. OSSFS, cloud disks, and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

  • Log

    Supports automatic log collection and integrating with Alibaba Cloud Log Service.  You can also integrate Container Service with third-party open-source log solutions.

  • Monitoring

    Supports the monitoring at the level of containers and virtual machines (VMs).  You can also integrate Container Service with third-party open-source monitoring solutions.

  • Scheduling

    Supports the policies such as cross-zone high availability and rescheduling of abnormal nodes.

  • Routing

    Supports Layer-4 and Layer-7 request forwarding and backend binding.

  • Permission

    Supports Resource Access Management (RAM) authorization and management at the level of clusters.

Support for swarm and Kubernetes

Container Service supports both swarm and Kubernetes, migrating existing systems seamlessly from offline to cloud.

Unique value-added ability and better experience of Alibaba Cloud environment

  • Integrates with VPC to provide secure and high-performance deployment plans that support hybrid cloud.
  • Extends Docker Compose template definition to enhance lifecycle management.
  • Integrates with Server Load Balancer to provide containers with access ability.

Easily deal with upstream and downstream delivery process by using high-availability scheduling policy

  • Supports affinity policy and horizontal scaling of services.
  • Supports cross-zone high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Supports the APIs for cluster and application management to easily interconnect with the continuous integration and private deployment system.

Container Service Learning Path

You can quickly learn about basic functions such as creating clusters and applications with the help of Container Service Learning Path. Combined with other products of Alibaba Cloud, Container Service provides you with the best container solutions for your complex business.