The Alibaba Cloud Container Service blockchain solution is a simple and flexible generic solution used to develop and test the blockchain applications and solutions based on Hyperledger Fabric.

This solution provides developers with a graphical blockchain network configuration wizard to address the issues in blockchain configuration and deployment, such as high requirements for professional skills, complex and time-consuming procedures, and being prone to errors. By using this solution, developers are only required to enter key configuration parameters. Then, with the one-click automated configuration and deployment, the complex configuration files can be generated and the blockchain network based on Hyperledger Fabric can be created in the container cluster within several minutes. In addition, to facilitate developers to access the blockchain network by using blockchain applications and blockchain administration and monitoring tools, the solution provides pre-generated configuration files for applications and tools. Developers can download the configuration files with one click and then use the blockchain applications and tools.

The Alibaba Cloud Container Service blockchain solution has the following characteristics:

  • Standard: Supports major functions of the open-source blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric V1.1 in the Linux foundation, including standard blockchain node types such as Peer, CouchDB, Orderer, Kafka, ZooKeeper, and CA.
  • Simple: A graphical wizard that simplifies blockchain configuration, masks complicated underlying procedures such as parameter settings, tool invocation, and configuration distribution, significantly reduces the error probability, and supports the built-in deployment of Hyperledger Blockchain Explorer.
  • Mature: Multiple years of enterprise-level large-scale production and application have proved the stability and reliability of underlying Alibaba Cloud Container Service clusters. In addition, Alibaba Cloud Container Service clusters integrate with best practices of cloud applications and expertise of Docker technology development.
  • Versatile: Seamlessly integrates with powerful and rich enterprise-level application service capabilities of Alibaba Cloud, such as storage, network, routing, security, image, log, and monitoring, and provides all-round support for blockchain upper-layer applications. In the future, the blockchain solution will support multiple deployment modes such as public could, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

The Alibaba Cloud Container Service blockchain solution is currently in public beta. Welcome to try this solution and then provide your valuable comments and suggestions if you are interested in it. This solution is to be improved and enriched continuously according to your requirements and the market requirements, allowing developers and partners to create more and better service innovation applications and industry solutions.