Deletes a business scenario. If you need to delete a business scenario, make sure that the business scenario is not in use. If you use a deleted business scenario, the moderation policy that is customized based on the business scenario becomes unavailable, and the default moderation policy is used. This may lead to errors in the moderation of business data.

Operation description

Operation: DeleteBizType

You can call this operation to delete a business scenario. For more information about how to construct an HTTP request, see Request structure. You can also select an existing HTTP request. For more information, see SDK overview.

Billing method: This operation is free of charge.

QPS limit

You can send up to 10 requests per second to call this operation by using your Alibaba Cloud account. If you send an excessive number of requests, throttling is implemented, and your business may be affected.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
BizTypeName String Yes bizType1 The name of the business scenario.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Message String OK The message that is returned for the request.
RequestId String 795D8871-4889-4C0F-A8B1-C7D2B990FF61 The ID of the request.


Sample requests

  "BizTypeName": "bizType1"

Sample success responses

  "RequestId": "795D8871-4889-4C0F-A8B1-C7D2B990FF61",