Content Moderation helps you moderate a large amount of multimedia content. Content Moderation features ease of use, high cost efficiency, and extensive real-world experience. Content Moderation can effectively save more than 90% of human review costs.

Content Moderation provides the following benefits:
  • High cost efficiency

    Content Moderation not only saves more than 90% of labor costs, but also returns moderation results in seconds with a maximum of more than 99% accuracy.

  • Extensive real-world experience

    After Content Moderation is applied to core business such as Taobao and Alipay in Alibaba and tested during Double 11, Content Moderation has accumulated a large number of characteristic samples and extensive experience in data model analysis.

  • Ease of use

    Content Moderation provides all-in-one solutions for you to moderate audios, videos, images, and text for terrorist, pornographic, and junk content.

  • Flexibility

    You can seamlessly integrate Content Moderation with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Object Storage Service (OSS) and Elastic Compute Service (ECS). You can also integrate Content Moderation to call API operations in your moderation system.

  • Excellent performance

    Based on the cloud computing platform, Content Moderation can moderate a large amount of multimedia content.