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:Content Moderation 1.0 activation and billing

Last Updated:Jul 19, 2023

Content Moderation 1.0 moderates violation content in images, texts, audios, videos, and Object Storage Service (OSS). Content Moderation 1.0 supports the pay-as-you-go and subscription billing methods.

Activate pay-as-you-go Content Moderation service

You can activate the pay-as-you-go Content Moderation service for free. You pay only for what you use. After you activate pay-as-you-go Content Moderation 1.0, you are charged based on the types of detected content, scenarios, volume price levels, results after algorithm detection, and regions where content is detected, such as the China (Shanghai) region. The types of detected content include images, texts, videos, and OSS storage content. The detected scenarios include but not limited to pornography detection, QR code detection, and text anti-spam. The results after algorithm detection include review, block, and pass. For more information about the billing rules and unit prices, see Pricing.

  1. Access the Enable Service page of Content Moderation.

  2. On the Enable Service page, read and agree to Content Moderation (Pay-As-You-Go) Terms of Service and click Activate Now.

Overdue payments and top-ups

The billing cycle of the Content Moderation 1.0 API and OSS violation detection is 24 hours.

Alibaba Cloud generates a bill on each calendar day based on the quantity of resources that you used on the previous calendar day, and deducts the service fee accordingly from your Alibaba Cloud account. If you have purchased a resource plan, the resources used are first deducted from your resource plan. If the remaining resources in the plan are insufficient, the fee for excess resources is deducted from your Alibaba Cloud account. A bill is usually generated within 10 to 12 hours after the end of each calendar day.

If your account balance is insufficient to pay the bill and your account has an overdue payment for more than 24 hours, Alibaba Cloud stops providing the Content Moderation service for you. You can use the service again only after you pay the bill. The service will resume within 5 minutes.