The yurt-app-manager component provides cell-based management at the edge for edge Kubernetes clusters. This topic describes the usage notes of and the latest changes to the yurt-app-manager component.


  • In edge computing, edge nodes are classified into groups by zone, region, or other logical attribute such as CPU architecture, Internet service provider (ISP), or cloud service provider.
  • Same applications or images may be deployed to different node pools.
  • The backend endpoints of Kubernetes-native Services are arbitrarily distributed across nodes. Consequently, when Service requests are distributed to nodes across groups, these requests may fail to reach the nodes or may not be answered promptly.

ACK@Edge provides a solution to solve these issues, as shown in the following figure.

  • Node cell: You can create node pools to manage and maintain hosts in different regions.
  • Application cell: You can deploy workloads to different node pools. This way, you can manage the number of pods and the image version of containers by node pool.
  • Traffic cell: You can configure a Service topology to limit access to Service endpoints. For example, you can expose an application on an edge node to only the current node or other nodes in the same edge node pool.

The yurt-app-manager component supports edge node management (based on the NodePool controller) and workload management (based on the UnitedDeployment controller).

Usage notes

The NodePool controller is used to create node pools. The UnitedDeployment controller is used to centrally manage multiple workloads. For more information, see Overview of edge node pools and Use the UnitedDeployment controller to deploy applications.

Note By default, the yurt-app-manager component is installed when an edge Kubernetes cluster is created. For more information about how to upgrade the components of an edge Kubernetes cluster, see Upgrade components in an edge Kubernetes cluster.

Release notes

April 2021

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v0.10.6-8207677-aliyun 2021-04-13
  • By default, Lease election is supported.
  • The Patch field is supported when you deploy applications by using the UnitedDeployment controller. This allows you to configure custom attributes for a node pool. For example, you can use a custom image version to deploy a node pool.
No impacts on your workloads

January 2021

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v0.9.11-c2c8cce-aliyun 2021-01-14 The yurt-app-manager component is released. No impacts on your workloads