Knative Eventing is designed to address common demands for cloud-native development. It allows you to bind event sources with event consumers to handle events. This topic describes event sources, event handling, and event consumption of Knative Eventing.


Knative Eventing meets the common needs in cloud-native development. In addition, Knative Eventing provides an architecture for serverless event-driven mode. The architecture contains event sources, event ingesting and subscription, and event filtering. The following figure shows the event-driven architecture.

  • Event sources
    • Open source Knative provides various event sources such as Kafka and GitHub.
    • Open source Knative also allows you to use cloud services as event sources. The cloud services include Message Service (MNS) and RocketMQ.
  • Event handling
    • Knative Eventing routes events from brokers to event sinks or consumers. You can create one or more triggers to filter or subscribe to specific events.
    • Events can be consumed by serverless applications that are managed by Knative.
  • Event consumption
    • Automatically releases applications when images in Container Registry are updated.
    • Automatically creates images upon code submission.
    • Supports cron jobs and AI-assisted processing of audios and videos.

How to start

For more information about how to use Knative Eventing to handle events, see Deploy Knative Eventing.