This topic describes how to enable and access the web-based workflow UI by creating an Ingress. You can view the status of all workflows and the container logs for each step of a workflow by using the web-based workflow UI.



  1. Run the htpasswd command to generate an auth file. You can store the username and password in the file.
    Run the following command:
    htpasswd -c auth workflow
    The following output is returned:
    New password: <workflow>
    New password:
    Re-type new password:
    Adding password for user workflow
  2. Run the following command to create a Secret and store the encrypted file in the ACK cluster:
    kubectl create secret generic workflow-basic-auth --from-file=auth -n argo
  3. Create an ingress yaml file, copy the following content to the file, and then run the kubectl apply -f ingress.yaml command to create the Ingress named workflow-ingress.
    kind: Ingress
      name: workflow-ingress
      namespace: argo
        # type of authentication basic
        # name of the secret that contains the user/password definitions workflow-basic-auth
        # message to display with an appropriate context why the authentication is required 'Authentication Required - workflow'
      - host: workflow.<yourTestHost>
          - path: /
                name: argo-ui
                  number: 80
            pathType: ImplementationSpecific
    Note In the preceding code block, the value of host must be replaced with the value of Testing Domain in the Cluster Information section of the ACK cluster. For example, the value can be set to
  4. Open your browser, enter workflow.<yourTestHost> into the address bar, and then provide the required password to view the web-based workflow UI.
    Enable the web-based workflow UI
    You can view the status of the workflow based on your business requirements.View the workload status