edge-controller-manager is the control component of an edge Kubernetes cluster. This topic lists the latest changes to edge-controller-manager.


edge-controller-manager is the core control component of an edge Kubernetes cluster. It provides lifecycle management, IP Address Management (IPAM), and network enhancement for edge nodes.
Notice edge-controller-manager is automatically installed and is not displayed in the ACK console. It is displayed in the ACK console only when it is upgradable. You can upgrade it in the ACK console.


edge-controller-manager is automatically installed. You can use it without extra configurations.

Release notes

January 2021
Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v1.16.9-aliyunedge.1 registry.cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/acs/edge-controller-manager:v1.16.9-aliyunedge.1 2021-01-14 The IPAM and network enhancement features are provided. N/A