Queries the details of a specific Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) cluster by cluster ID.


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Request syntax

GET /clusters/ClusterId HTTP/1.1 

Request parameters

Table 1. Request path parameters
Parameter Type Required Example Description
ClusterId String Yes cdde1f21ae22e483ebcb068a6eb7f****

The ID of the ACK cluster that you want to query.

Response syntax

HTTP/1.1 200
  "cluster_id" : "String",
  "cluster_type" : "String",
  "created" : "String",
  "init_version" : "String",
  "current_version" : "String",
  "next_version" : "String",
  "deletion_protection" : Boolean,
  "docker_version" : "String",
  "external_loadbalancer_id" : "String",
  "meta_data" : "String",
  "name" : "String",
  "network_mode" : "String",
  "region_id" : "String",
  "resource_group_id" : "String",
  "security_group_id" : "String",
  "size" : Long,
  "state" : "String",
  "tags" : [ {
    "key" : "String",
    "value" : "String"
  } ],
  "updated" : "String",
  "vpc_id" : "String",
  "vswitch_id" : "String",
  "subnet_cidr" : "String",
  "zone_id" : "String",
  "master_url" : "String",
  "private_zone" : Boolean,
  "profile" : "String",
  "cluster_spec" : "String",
  "worker_ram_role_name" : "String",
  "maintenance_window" : {
    "enable" : Boolean,
    "maintenance_time" : "String",
    "duration" : "String",
    "weekly_period" : "String"

Response parameters

Table 2. Response body parameters
Parameter Type Example Description
cluster_id String c82e6987e2961451182edacd74faf****

The ID of the queried ACK cluster.

cluster_type String Kubernetes

The type of the cluster. Valid values:

  • Kubernetes: dedicated Kubernetes cluster
  • ManagedKubernetes: managed Kubernetes cluster
  • Ask: ASK cluster
  • ExternalKubernetes: registered external Kubernetes cluster
created String 2019-11-25T15:50:20+08:00

The time when the cluster was created.

init_version String 1.16.6-aliyun.1

The Kubernetes version that is initially used by the cluster.

current_version String 1.16.6-aliyun.1

The current Kubernetes version of the cluster. For more information about the Kubernetes versions supported by ACK, see Release notes for Kubernetes versions.

next_version String 1.18.8-aliyun.1

The Kubernetes version to which the cluster can be upgraded.

deletion_protection Boolean true

Indicates whether deletion protection is enabled. If deletion protection is enabled, the cluster cannot be deleted in the ACK console or by calling the API. Valid values:

  • true: Deletion protection is enabled. You cannot delete the cluster in the ACK console or by calling the API.
  • false: Deletion protection is not enabled. You can delete the cluster in the ACK console or by calling the API.
docker_version String 19.03.5

The Docker version that is used by the cluster.

external_loadbalancer_id String lb-2ze3buguz3gx9920z****

The ID of the Server Load Balancer (SLB) instance that is used for the Ingress of the cluster.

meta_data String \"Addons\":***

The metadata of the cluster.

name String cluster-demo

The name of the cluster.

The name must be 1 to 63 characters in length, and can contain digits, letters, and hyphens (-). It cannot start with a hyphen (-).

network_mode String vpc

The network mode of the cluster. Valid values:

  • classic: the classic network
  • vpc: virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • overlay: overlay network
  • calico: network powered by Calico

Default value: vpc.

region_id String cn-beijing

The ID of the region where the cluster is deployed.

resource_group_id String rg-acfmyvw3wjm****

The ID of the resource group to which the cluster belongs.

security_group_id String sg-25yq****

The ID of the security group to which the instances of the cluster belong.

size Long 5

The number of nodes in the cluster. Master nodes and worker nodes are included.

state String running

The state of the cluster. Valid values:

  • initial: The cluster is being created.
  • failed: The cluster failed to be created.
  • running: The cluster is running.
  • updating: The cluster is being upgraded.
  • updating_failed: The cluster failed to be upgraded.
  • scaling: The cluster is being scaled.
  • waiting: The registered cluster is waiting for connecting.
  • disconnected: The registeredcluster is disconnected.
  • stopped: The cluster is stopped.
  • deleting: The cluster is being deleted.
  • deleted: The cluster is deleted.
  • delete_failed: The cluster failed to be deleted.
tags Array of tag

The labels of the cluster.

updated String 2020-01-13T23:01:03+08:00

The time when the cluster was updated.

vpc_id String vpc-2zecuu62b9zw7a7qn****

The ID of the VPC where the cluster is deployed. This parameter is required when you create an ACK cluster.

vswitch_id String vsw-2zete8s4qocqg0mf6****,vsw-2zete8s4qocqg0mf6****

The IDs of the vSwitches. You can select one to three vSwitches when you create an ACK cluster. vSwitches in different zones are recommended to ensure high availability.

subnet_cidr String

The pod CIDR block. It must be a valid and private CIDR block, and must be one of the following CIDR blocks or their subnets:

  • 172.16-31.0.0/12-16

The pod CIDR block cannot overlap with that of the VPC or those of the ACK clusters that are deployed in the VPC.

For more information about the network segmentation of ACK clusters, see Plan CIDR blocks for ACK clusters in a VPC.

zone_id String cn-beijing-a

The ID of the zone where the cluster is deployed.

master_url String {\"intranet_api_server_endpoint\":\"\"***}

The address of the cluster. It includes an internal endpoint and a public endpoint.

private_zone Boolean false

Indicates whether Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone is enabled.

  • true: indicates that Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone is enabled.
  • false: indicates that Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone is not enabled.
profile String Default

Indicates the scenario in which the cluster is used. Valid values:

  • Default: indicates that the cluster is used in non-edge computing scenarios.
  • Edge: indicates that the ACK cluster is used in edge computing scenarios.
cluster_spec String ack.pro.small

The type of the managed Kubernetes cluster. This parameter is returned for a managed Kubernetes cluster. Valid values:

  • ack.pro.small: professional managed Kubernetes cluster.
  • ack.standard: standard managed Kubernetes cluster.
worker_ram_role_name String KubernetesWorkerRole-ec87d15b-edca-4302-933f-c8a16bf0****

The name of the worker RAM role. The RAM role is assigned to the worker nodes of the cluster and allows the worker nodes to manage Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances.

maintenance_window maintenance_window

The maintenance window of the cluster. This feature is available in only professional managed Kubernetes clusters.


Sample requests

GET /clusters/cdde1f21ae22e483ebcb068a6eb7f**** HTTP/1.1 

Sample success responses

XML format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK


JSON format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  "cluster_id" : "c82e6987e2961451182edacd74faf****",
  "cluster_type" : "Kubernetes",
  "created" : "2019-11-25T15:50:20+08:00",
  "init_version" : "1.16.6-aliyun.1",
  "current_version" : "1.16.6-aliyun.1",
  "next_version" : "1.18.8-aliyun.1",
  "deletion_protection" : true,
  "docker_version" : "19.03.5",
  "external_loadbalancer_id" : "lb-2ze3buguz3gx9920z****",
  "meta_data" : "\\\"Addons\\\":***",
  "name" : "cluster-demo",
  "network_mode" : "vpc",
  "region_id" : "cn-beijing",
  "resource_group_id" : "rg-acfmyvw3wjm****",
  "security_group_id" : "sg-25yq****",
  "size" : 5,
  "state" : "running",
  "tags" : [ {
    "key" : "env",
    "value" : "prod"
  } ],
  "updated" : "2020-01-13T23:01:03+08:00",
  "vpc_id" : "vpc-2zecuu62b9zw7a7qn****",
  "vswitch_id" : "vsw-2zete8s4qocqg0mf6****,vsw-2zete8s4qocqg0mf6****",
  "subnet_cidr" : "",
  "zone_id" : "cn-beijing-a",
  "master_url" : "{\\\"intranet_api_server_endpoint\\\":\\\"\\\"***}",
  "private_zone" : false,
  "profile" : "Default",
  "cluster_spec" : "ack.pro.small",
  "worker_ram_role_name" : "KubernetesWorkerRole-ec87d15b-edca-4302-933f-c8a16bf0****",
  "maintenance_window" : {
    "enable" : false,
    "maintenance_time" : "03:00:00Z",
    "duration" : "3h",
    "weekly_period" : "Monday,Thursday"

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.