This topic describes the differences in container configurations and labels when you create an application from an image in a Container Service for Swarm cluster and in a Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) cluster.

Create an application from an image

The interfaces for creating an application from an image in a Swarm cluster and in an ACK cluster are quite different.

Container configurations

Swarm cluster

To configure a container, you must set start commands (Command and Entrypoint), resource limits (CPU and Memory), and start parameters.

Swarm cluster

ACK cluster

The container configurations in Swarm clusters are similar to the basic configurations and lifecycle configurations of containers in an ACK cluster.


In Swarm clusters, labels can be used to implement health checks, domain name settings, and logging.

In ACK clusters, labels are only used to identify applications. When you create an application in an ACK cluster, a label that is named after the application name is automatically generated. This label is not displayed when you create the application from an image. You can configure YAML files to use the label.