This topic lists the announcements of Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). The announcements are classified into the following types: release notes, product changes, Kubernetes versions, component upgrades, common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE), and system restoration.

Released at
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25746 April 29, 2022
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25745 April 29, 2022
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2022-23648 March 9, 2022
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2022-0492 March 9, 2022
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2022-0185 January 30, 2022
[CVE] Vulnerability fixed: CVE-2021-25742 October 26, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability fixed: CVE-2021-41103 October 27, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25741 in Kubernetes September 17, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25740 in Kubernetes July 23, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25738 in the Kubernetes Java client June 10, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25737 in the Kubernetes API server June 10, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-30465 in runC June 2, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-3121 in GoGo Protobuf May 25, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-8562 in the Kubernetes API server May 25, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-25735 in the Kubernetes API server April 15, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2021-1056 in NVIDIA GPU drivers April 9, 2021
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-8554 in Kubernetes December 8, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-15257 in the networking namespace December 2, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerabilities CVE-2020-8564 in kubelet, CVE-2020-8565 in kube-apiserver, and CVE-2020-8566 in kube-controller-manager November 2, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-14386 in the Linux kernel September 18, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-8559 in the Kubernetes API server July 15, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-8557 in kubelet July 15, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-8558 in kube-proxy July 8, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-8555 in kube-controller-manager June 1, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2020-13401 in Docker Engine June 1, 2020
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2019-11253 in the Kubernetes API server November 14, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2019-16276 in Golang November 15, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2019-11249 in the kubectl cp command August 6, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2019-11246 in the kubectl cp command July 1, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2019-1002101 in the kubectl cp command May 8, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2019-5736 in runC February 12, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2018-18264 in Kubernetes Dashboard January 7, 2019
[CVE] Vulnerability CVE-2018-1002105 in Kubernetes December 5, 2018