Adds existing ECS instances to a cluster.

For more information about the API operation, see AttachInstances.

API request and response formats

Request format

aliyun cs  POST /clusters/<cluster_id>/attach --header "Content-Type=application/json" --body "$(cat attach.json)"

Request parameters:

  • --header: You must set Content-Type to application/json.
  • --body: The content that is sent to the server. The content can be saved in a local file and must be in valid JSON format. The create.json file contains the following content:
{ "password": "root password of the ECS instance", "instances": "instances that you want to add to the cluster", "format_disk": "whether to format data disks", "key_pair": "key pair" "tags": "node tags in an array" }

Sample responses

    "list": [
{            "code": "200",
            "instanceId": "i-2zee3oiwcyoz7kwd****",
            "message": "successful"
            "code": "200",
            "instanceId": "i-2ze0lgm3y6iylcbt****",
            "message": "successful"
    "task_id": "T-5a544aff80282e39ea000039"