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Container Service for Kubernetes:FAQ

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

Version updates

ACK Distro supports new Kubernetes versions based on the following rules:

  1. A new Kubernetes version is supported by Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) Distro within two months after the Kubernetes version is supported by ACK.

  2. A new Kubernetes version is supported by ACK Distro when features are updated or vulnerabilities are patched.

Technical support

ACK Distro allows you to create clusters of the latest Kubernetes version and provides technical support for the latest three Kubernetes minor versions. ACK Distro stops providing technical support for a cluster when the Kubernetes version of the cluster becomes outdated.

Version format

v{kubernetes-major}.{kubernetes-minio}.{kubernetes-patch}-ack-{ack distro version} Examples:

  • v1.20.4-ack-1

  • v1.20.4-ack-2

  • v1.22.8-ack-1