ack-cluster-agent is a component that is deployed in an external cluster after you register the cluster to Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). ack-cluster-agent is used to establish a channel for communication between the external cluster and the components of the ACK control plane. This topic introduces ack-cluster-agent, and describes the usage notes and release notes for ack-cluster-agent.


ack-cluster-agent is the ACK registration agent that runs as a Deployment in your external Kubernetes cluster. ack-cluster-agent receives requests from ACK Stub and forwards them to the Kubernetes API server of your external cluster. ack-cluster-agent also receives responses from the API server and forwards them to ACK Stub.

Usage notes

For more information about how to use ack-cluster-agent, see Overview.

Release notes

March 2022

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v1.13.1.58-gf538528-aliyun 2022-03-16 A field is added to indicate the sources of clusters. No impact on workloads

December 2021

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v1.13.1.52-ge2a50ae-aliyun 2021-12-22 The issue that information about the providers of some instance types in external clusters cannot be obtained is fixed. No impact on workloads