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What Can I Do if a Code Source Fails to be Bound in Container Registry?

Last Updated: May 19, 2022


This document describes how to troubleshoot the failed binding of a code source in Container Registry.


Error message



Failed to access the source code repository site. Please confirm that the account binding information is correct, or try again later.

The on-premises GitLab source code repository does not respond to your access request.

  • Check whether the on-premises GitLab source code repository is accessible from the Internet.
  • Check whether the binding information of your GitLab account is valid, including the GitLab URL, username, and access token.

GitLab does not have a firewall or uses an invalid self-signed HTTPS certificate, such as a TLS certificate with an incomplete certificate chain.

Verify your certificate. You can use SSL status detection to verify the certificate.

Your GitLab access request times out due to network issues.

Check your network connection and try again later.

The source code repository site returns an error response. Please confirm that the account binding information is correct.

Note: This error may occur when you create an image repository and bind it to a source code repository. If this error occurs, the connection to GitLab is normal, but an error code is returned due to server configurations.

To bind a source code repository, Container Registry needs to set a webhook in the repository.

Check whether the access token that you specify in Container Registry has been granted sufficient permissions on the GitLab API and has not expired.

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Alibaba Cloud Container Registry supports GitLab 8.5 and later.

Check your GitLab version.

The account of the source code repository has no permission to set a webhook.

Make sure that the settings of the source code repository are valid on the Integrations page of GitLab.


The binding information is invalid.

Check whether the username and the repository name of the source code repository are the same as those in the URL of the Git repository.

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Applicable scope

  • Container Registry