Queries the layer information about an image.

Request information

Request line

GET /repos/[RepoNamespace]/[RepoName]/tags/[Tag]/layers HTTP/1.1

Request line parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
RepoNamespace String Yes The name of the namespace.
RepoName String Yes The name of the repository.
Tag String Yes The image version.

Operation-specific request headers


Request body


Request body parameters


Response information

Response line

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Operation-specific response headers


Response body

    "data": {
      "image": {
        "repoNamespace": "String",
        "repoName": "String",
        "layers": "Array",
        "tag": "String",
        "region": "String"
    "requestId": "String"

Response body parameters

Parameter Type Description
repoNamespace String The name of the namespace.
repoName String The name of the image repository.
layers Array The layer information of the image.
tag String The image version.
region String The region where the image repository is deployed.


Sample requests

GET /repos/[RepoNamespace]/[RepoName]/tags/[Tag]/layers HTTP/1.1
<Common request headers>

Sample responses

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
<Common response headers>

    "data": {
      "image": {
        "repoNamespace": "testNamespace",
        "repoName": "testRepo",
        "layers": [{
          "layerCMD": "file:a in /TEMP",
          "blobDigest": "sha256:b",
          "blobSize": 1000,
          "layerInstruction": "COPY",
          "layerIndex": 2
        }, {
          "layerCMD": "[\"bash\"]",
          "blobDigest": "sha256:c",
          "blobSize": 32,
          "layerInstruction": "CMD",
          "layerIndex": 1
        }, {
          "layerCMD": "file:e in /",
          "blobDigest": "sha256:f",
          "blobSize": 52608285,
          "layerInstruction": "ADD",
          "layerIndex": 0
        "tag": "latest",
        "region": "cn-hangzhou"
    "requestId": "8DBD3292-A232-44F6-93DC-B30D70AF54E9"