Container Registry allows you to build images from source code repositories such as Alibaba Cloud Codeup, GitHub, GitLab, Git, and Gitee. An image can be automatically built after the source code changes. This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about using source code repositories.

How do I troubleshoot the failure to automatically build images after I change the project name in Alibaba Cloud Codeup?

Make sure that the project name included in the path value is the same as that specified for the Project name parameter in Alibaba Cloud Codeup. This prevents failures to automatically build images after the source code changes in Alibaba Cloud Codeup.

Rename repository

Why does image build fail after I change my account name in Alibaba Cloud Codeup?

Log on to the and submit a ticket. The technical support staff will update data for you.

How do I unbind an account from a GitHub or GitLab repository, or bind another account to the repository?

  • GitHub

    Log on to the source code repository and choose Personal settings > Applications. On the Applications page, click Revoke next to Aliyun Container Registry.

    Revoke authorization
  • GitLab

    Log on to the source code repository. On the User Settings page, click the Access Tokens tab. Then, click Revoke next to the token in the Active Personal Access Tokens section.

    Unbind a token

Why does an error occur when I bind to a GitLab repository?

  • Error message: "Failed to access the source code repository site. Please confirm that the account binding information is correct, or try again later."
    The error may occur due to one of the following causes:
    • GitLab does not respond to your request. Make sure that GitLab is accessible over the Internet, no firewall is deployed in the network used to access GitLab, and you do not use a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate to access GitLab. Verify that the account binding information, including the GitLab URL, username, and access token, is correct.
    • Your GitLab access request times out due to network issues. Try again later.
  • Error message: "The source code repository site returns an error response. Please confirm that the account binding information is correct."
    If this error occurs, you can access GitLab normally, but GitLab returns an error code.
    • Check that the token is authorized to make API calls and the authorization has not expired.
    • Verify that the specified username has the permissions to set the callback hook. To check whether the username has the required permissions, log on to GitLab and choose Repository name > Settings > Integrations. On the Integrations page, check whether the Push events option in the Trigger section is selected.
    Check settings on the Integrations page