This topic describes the billable items, pricing, and impact of overdue payments on resources of Container Registry Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Billable items of Container Registry Enterprise Edition

Billable item Description Pricing
Instance Container Registry Enterprise Edition instances support the subscription billing method. The prices of Enterprise Edition instances vary based on instance specifications. See the Pricing of Container Registry Enterprise Edition instances section in this topic.
OSS Bucket

If you use Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets to store cloud-native application artifacts of Container Registry Enterprise Edition instances, you may be charged for the storage or traffic. Examples of cloud-native application artifacts include container images and Helm charts.

If you do not enable access over the Internet, you can pull application artifacts only by using virtual private cloud (VPC) endpoints. In this case, you are not charged for the outbound traffic over the Internet in OSS.

By default, you are billed for the OSS service on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can also purchase resource plans to offset the bills of the OSS service if your business workloads are stable.

Important Container Registry allows you to replicate images of Container Registry Enterprise Edition instances across regions. The replication process does not generate traffic costs in OSS.
See Object Storage Service Pricing.

Pricing of Container Registry Enterprise Edition instances

Greater area Enterprise Edition instances
Basic Edition instances Advanced Edition instances
China (USD/month) Starting at 113 Starting at 428
Asia Pacific (USD/month) Starting at 179 Starting at 682
Europe and Americas (USD/month) Starting at 146 Starting at 557
Middle East and India (USD/month) Starting at 151 Starting at 574


The following table describes the different specifications provided by the Enterprise Edition and Personal Edition.

Module Feature Container Registry Personal Edition Container Registry Enterprise Edition
Basic Edition Advanced Edition
Artifact management Container images Hosting Supported Supported Supported
Namespace quota 3 15 50
Public repository quota 300 1000 5000
Private repository quota
The maximum number of VPC entries that you can add on the VPC tab of the Access Control page × 3 7
Helm Chart Hosting × Supported Supported
Namespace quota × 15 50
Public repository quota × 1000 5000
Private repository quota
OCI Artifact × Supported Supported
Immutable version × Supported Supported
Version management (automatic version deletion) × Supported Supported
Artifact build Quota for concurrent artifact build 1 3 10
Intelligent acceleration × Supported Supported
Multi-architecture image build × Supported Supported
Artifact security Artifact scanning by using multiple engines × Supported Supported
Vulnerability fixing × Supported Supported
Risk blocking × × Supported
Signature signing and verification × × Supported
Network access control × Supported Supported
ActionTrail × Supported Supported
Artifact distribution Distribution performance (pull QPS) Not guaranteed 250 1000
Distribution in P2P mode × × Supported
On-demand distribution × × Supported
Global image replication × × Supported
Artifact subscription × 5 30
Artifact delivery Event notifications × Supported Supported
Image pulls without a secret Supported Supported Supported
Cloud-native application delivery chains × × Supported
Instance management Custom domain name × Supported Supported
Fast image migration from Harbor instances × Supported Supported

Pricing of Container Registry Personal Edition instances

Container Registry Personal Edition is provided to individual developers. Individual developers are allocated a limited free quota during the public preview period. Alibaba Cloud does not make compensation in accordance with the service level agreement (SLA) for Container Registry Personal Edition.

Impact of overdue payments on resources

If the total value of the balance, vouchers, and coupons in your Alibaba Cloud account is less than the payable amount of your bill, your account has overdue payments.

  • The overdue payment does not exceed the overdraft limit

    Your service will not be affected.
    Note Alibaba Cloud provides an extended suspension quota. If the overdue payment for pay-as-you-go resources does not exceed the quota, your services are not suspended. Resources used in the extended period are billed as usual. The extended suspension quota is not the maximum outstanding amount due that is allowed. The extended suspension quota is automatically calculated and updated on a monthly basis based on the consumption records of your Alibaba Cloud account. For more information, see Service suspension protection.
  • Payment overdue for no more than 7 days

    When the balance in your Alibaba Cloud account is insufficient to pay the amount in your bills and the Container Registry instance is in the Overdue state, you cannot deploy or create new application instances, or perform operations such as deploying or restarting existing instances or changing specifications of the instances. However, instances on which applications have been built can still be used within seven days (168 hours) and are continuously billed.
  • Payment overdue for more than 7 days

    If you do not settle the overdue payment in seven days (168 hours) after the payment becomes overdue, Alibaba Cloud suspends the Container Registry service for you. All application instances that you created on Container Registry are released, and instance data is deleted and cannot be restored.

Query bills

You can go to the User Center of the Alibaba Cloud Management Console to view and export the consumption details by account, product, and service principal.

  1. Log on to the Container Registry console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, choose Expenses > User Center.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Bill > Bill Details.
  4. On the Bill Details page, click a tab to view billing information. You can click the Filter icon icon next to Product Name or Product Detail to filter consumption details of your Container Registry instances.
    • On the Consumption by Bill tab, you can view the orders during the billing cycle that you selected. You can also perform an exact search by entering the order number in the search box.
    • On the Billing Details tab, you can view billing details by statistic item and statistic period. The billing details include information such as billable items, usage, unit price, and deduction details of a specific service.
    • On the Usage Records tab, you can export a CSV file that contains usage details by setting the Product, Billable Item, Time Period, and Time Unit parameters as needed.
    • On the Summary by Quantity and Price tab, you can specify a billing cycle and view the pretax amounts payable, original amounts, and overdue amounts in different dimensions.