Customers of CloudQuotation need to prepare the following documents:

1. Global Data Agreement (GDA): the main agreement. Sign the document and provide a scanned copy. You can scan only the first five pages including the page on which you signed. For more information, see GDA sample.

2. System Application Form (SAF): specifies the systems and applications where data is used. Fill in the form, sign the document, and provide a scanned copy. For more information, see SAF sample.

3. Data Feed Request Form (DFR): specifies the data feeds that you want to subscribe to. Fill in the form and provide the PDF file. For more information, see DFR sample.

Note that all the preceding forms must be filled in English. Make sure that you are typing using an English input method and an English font. For example, do not use a Chinese input method to enter letters and do not use a Chinese font.