This topic describes how to write alerts from CloudMonitor to Message Service (MNS).


  1. Authorize CloudMonitor to write alerts to MNS.
    1. Click Cloud Resource Access Authorization to allow CloudMonitor to assume the AliyunCloudMonitorDefaultRole role.
    2. Click Confirm Authorization Policy.
  2. Call the PutResourceMetricRule operation to create an alert rule.
    For more information, see PutResourceMetricRule.
  3. Call the PutMetricRuleTargets operation to create alert messages for the alert rule and write them to the specified MNS queue.

    For more information, see PutMetricRuleTargets.

    The Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) of an MNS queue is in the format of "acs:mns:{$RegionId}:{$UserId}:/queues/{$queueName}/messages".

    The following code shows an example of the PutMetricRuleTargets operation:
        Id: 1,
        Level: ["INFO", "WARN", "CRITICAL"],

Message body written to MNS

CloudMonitor writes a message body to MNS in the JSON format. The following code shows an example of a message body in the JSON format:

  "ruleId": "putNewAlarm_group_778af9ba-a291-46ab-ac53-3983bcee****",
  "ruleName": "test123",
  // Current level. 
  "curLevel": "WARN",
  // Previous level. 
  "preLevel": "OK",
  // The instance that triggers the alert. 
  "resources": "{\"instanceId\": \"i-uf61rfofjd2iku7e****\"}",
  // The condition that triggers the alert. 
  "escalation": {
    "comparisonOperator": "GreaterThanYesterday",
    "level": 3,
    "statistics": "Average",
    "tag": "WARN",
    "threshold": "0",
    "times": 1
  "metricData": {
    "timestamp": 1534736160000,
    "userId": "127067667954****",
    "instanceId": "i-uf61rfofjd2iku7e****",
    "Average": 470687744,
    "Maximum": 470794240,
    "Minimum": 470556672,
    // Start the comparison of metrics. 
    "AliyunCmsPrevValues": { 
      "timestamp": 1534649760000,
      "userId": "127067667954****",
      "instanceId": "i-uf61rfofjd2iku7e****",
      "Average": 468463616,
      "Maximum": 468549632,
      "Minimum": 468258816
    // Comparison formula. 
    "AliyunCmsComplexExpression": "100.0 * ($Average-$$prevAverage)/$$prevAverage",
    // Conversion formula.
    "AliyunCmsComplexMath": "100.0 * (470687744-468463616)/468463616",
    // Calculation result. 
    "AliyunCmsComplexValue": 0.47477070236336133
    // End the comparison of metrics. 
  // Metric parameters. 
  "metricName": "memory_actualusedspace#60",
  "namespace": "acs_ecs_dashboard",
  "period": "60",

  // Application group parameters. 
  "groupBy": "group",
  "productGroupName": "ECS instance",

  // Alert time. 
  "lastTime": 327362743, // The duration of the alert. 
  "time": 1534736160000, // The time when the alert was generated. 

  "userId": "173651113438****",
  "eventName": "AlertOk",
  "eventType": "Alert",
  // Use the following parameters to trace the alert. 
  "batchId": "4272653-152082****",
  "version": "1.0"