This topic describes the metrics for the bandwidth resources for application acceleration in Smart Access Gateway.

When you call an API operation provided by CloudMonitor, set the Namespace and Period parameters.

  • Set the Namespace parameter to acs_smartag.
  • Set the Period parameter to an integral multiple of 60. The default value is 60. Unit: seconds.

The following table describes the valid values of the MetricName and Dimensions parameters.

Metric Unit MetricName Dimensions Statistics
ApplicationAccelerateBwpInBytes byte application_accelerate_bwp_rx_bytes userId and bwpId Value
ApplicationAccelerateBwpInpps packet/s application_accelerate_bwp_rx_pps userId and bwpId Value
ApplicationAccelerateBwpInRate bit/s application_accelerate_bwp_rx_rate userId and bwpId Value
ApplicationAccelerateBwpOutBytes byte application_accelerate_bwp_tx_bytes userId and bwpId Value
ApplicationAccelerateBwpOutpps packet/s application_accelerate_bwp_tx_pps userId and bwpId Value
ApplicationAccelerateBwpOutRate bit/s application_accelerate_bwp_tx_rate userId and bwpId Value
ApplicationAccelerateRateLimitDrop packet/s application_accelerate_drop_pps userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value
ApplicationAccelerateInBytes byte application_accelerate_rx_bytes userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value
ApplicationAccelerateInpps packet/s application_accelerate_rx_pps userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value
ApplicationAccelerateInRate bit/s application_accelerate_rx_rate userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value
ApplicationAccelerateOutBytes byte application_accelerate_tx_bytes userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value
ApplicationAccelerateOutpps packet/s application_accelerate_tx_pps userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value
ApplicationAccelerateOutRate bit/s application_accelerate_tx_rate userId, bwpId, and bwpRuleId Value