This topic describes the metrics for Serverless Workflow.

When you call an API operation provided by Cloud Monitor, you may need to set the Namespace and Period parameters. Set the parameters for the current service in the following way:

  • Set the Namespace parameter to acs_fnf.
  • Set the Period parameter to an integral multiple of 60. Default value: 60. Unit: seconds.

The following table describes the valid values of the MetricName and Dimensions parameters for the current service.

Metric Unit MetricName Dimensions Statistics
ExecutionExecTimeMs ms ExecutionExecTimeMs userId and flowName Value
ExecutionsFailed count ExecutionsFailed userId and flowName Count
ExecutionsStarted count ExecutionsStarted userId and flowName Count
ExecutionsStopped count ExecutionsStopped userId and flowName Count
ExecutionsSucceeded count ExecutionsSucceeded userId and flowName Count
ExecutionsTimedOut count ExecutionsTimedOut userId and flowName Count
StepTransitions count StepTransitions userId and flowName Count