This topic describes the metrics for ApsaraDB for HBase Serverless Edition.

When you call an API operation provided by CloudMonitor, set the Namespace and Period parameters.

  • Set the Namespace parameter to acs_hbaseserverless.
  • Set the Period parameter to an integral multiple of 60. Default value: 60. Unit: seconds.

The following table describes the valid values of the MetricName and Dimensions parameters.

Metric Unit MetricName Dimensions Statistics
Instance storage size byte Instance_storage_size userId and instanceId Sum
delete ms delete userId and instanceId Average
get ms get userId and instanceId Average
put ms put userId and instanceId Average
read cu qps request/min read_cu userId and instanceId Sum
scan ms scan userId and instanceId Average
write cu QPS request/min write_cu userId and instanceId Sum
hbase serverless read cu request/min hbase_serverless_read_cu instanceId Sum
hbase serverless write cu request/min hbase_serverless_write_cu instanceId Sum
Instance storage size byte Instance_total_storage instanceId Maximum